Novio Boy Touring Production & Education Program

Producing Associate

As Producing Associate for Novio Boy you will work closely with our Executive Artistic Director to oversee key aspects of the production, including booking rehearsal and performance venues; overseeing actor and crew contracts; managing the production budget; hiring a technical crew; producing a printed program with business ads, and overseeing concessions, ticket sales, and house staff. Other appropriate duties as assigned.

You’ll be compensated as an Independent Contractor at $35 an hour. Estimated budget for this position is $6000.

Education Specialist

As Education Specialist you will teach in-person classes at multiple school sites from January through May, 2023.  Service to each contracted school will comprise a series of five class sessions with students during and/or after the regular school day, and may also include leading a preservice on Novio Boy for teachers and parents.

You will be compensated as an Independent Contractor at a rate of $40 an hour, paid at the end of each month of service.


Green Room invites creative participation by adult volunteers in all aspects of theatre making: theatre management, event planning, box office, publicity, marketing, set design and construction, costume and makeup, props, and running crew.

Volunteers have an opportunity to polish their existing skills and acquire new skill sets in a friendly and supportive creative environment. Just about any skillset you have is useful in creating theatre! Note: Adults volunteers who interact with children must obtain a background check. 

Below are some of the many volunteer positions available:

  • Administrative Support Coordinator

  • Volunteer Coordinator 

  • Publicity/Marketing Team 

  • Database Manager

  • Newsletter Editor

  • Event Coordinator 

  • Box Office Manager

  • House Manager

  • Concessions Manager

  • Ushers

  • Silent Auction Manager

  • Stage Manager

  • Set/Costume/Sound Designers

  • Makeup Artist

  • Properties Master

  • Scenic Artists

  • Running Crew

  • Backstage Parents

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact Karen Lin,

Jobs and Internships

Green Room Theatre Company offers internships in theatre management, production, and teaching for college students and advanced high school students.

For more information about internships contact

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