Green Room Theatre Coachella Presents


Miguel Ibarra

Rudy/El Gato

Miguel Ibarra is a two time “Outstanding Lead Actor” nominee with recognition from the California Educational Theatre Association. This will be the fourth show he stars in and the first time he is pulling double duty. He’s a resilient actor who can take on many challenges at once and always works his best to deliver the best possible performance. He wishes to expand his acting career in a variety of different ways and is excited to see where this can take him.

Jacqueline Corona-Chico


Jacqueline is a talented beginner actress who is a true force to be reckoned with. She has always had a love for the arts, and her passion for acting has only grown stronger ever since she joined her school’s drama club three years ago. As a senior in high school she was elected Vice President of her school’s drama and improv club for her hard work and dedication. Through her involvement in the club, Jackie has been able to showcase her skills on stage and learn from her fellow performers. She has performed in a wide range of student written one acts and also performed as a lead in David Ives’ “The Philadelphia,” in which the genders were reversed making a new story come to life.

Jackie is also the captain of her school’s varsity tennis team which she has been a part of since her Junior year. She’s a fierce competitor on the court, with natural athleticism and a drive to succeed. Her time spent playing tennis has taught her valuable lessons about teamwork, leadership, and perseverance – all of which she brings to her work as an actress.

For Jackie, the opportunity to participate in the production of “Novio Boy” is a dream come true. She is excited to take on the challenge of bringing her character to life, and she’s eager to work with the rest of the cast and crew to create an unforgettable performance. This performance is her first outside of school so she is determined to make her debut one to remember. Whether she’s on the court or on the stage, Jackie always gives 110% – and audiences are sure to be impressed by her talent, passion, and dedication.

Juan Francisco Camacho


Chair Elder, Youth Lead, and Voice/Vocal Coach at Grace Church DHS, Immigration Law Specialist and Advocate.

Julian Perez

Juan/Mama Rosa

Julian is a 19 year old Singer/Songwriter, Actor, and Independent Musical Artist. This is his first show back from the pandemic and 12th year working with green room.

Dawnielle Williams-Smith


Coming Soon

Zelaya Divina Sanchez


Zelaya took her first dance class as a toddler and has remained a dancer her entire life. At fourteen years old, she was the only Freshman to make the Dance Team at Cathedral City High School. By fifteen, she was able to transfer to the brand new Rancho Mirage High School where she began Musical Theatre based training. She had the opportunity to join Musical Theatre University, a conservatory program that gave her the chance to have one-on-one Voice lessons, Dance classes, Acting classes and Master classes from Broadway professionals, and most importantly, experience in fully staged Musicals alongside professional, adult actors. While simultaneously being a Captain of RMHS’s Dance Team and belonging to a Musical Theatre conservatory, she also eventually became a captain of the first generation of iLLusionists, the first competing Hip Hop Youth Dance crew of its kind based out of the Coachella Valley. In 2018 at the age of 20, Zelaya became an active member of the Theatre Department at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA. That year, she played the role of Lulu in “Cabaret” the musical. Zelaya is now twenty five and lives in Orange County. She is an Activist, Dance Instructor and Music & Art event planner.

Cindy Bratton


Cindy Bratton is a newcomer to the theater scene and has enjoyed learning the ropes in Novio Boy. However, her experience as an educator for over 30 years, including nine years in Thailand, has given her a passion for storytelling and nurturing young minds. Cindy is a native of Southern California and is constantly learning and growing, which shows in her work with Green Room Theatre. She currently works with Grace Church in Desert Hot Springs and is planning to open a childcare center to provide quality education and care to children.

Luis Renteria

Old Man

Luis is a beginner actor who is excited to begin his journey into the world of theater. After watching from the audience as he grew older, Luis’s passion for acting intensified and he decided to join his school’s drama and improv club, becoming the club’s treasurer his junior year. Through his involvement in the drama club, Luis has worked on his skills as an actor and has had the opportunity to perform in several one-act school productions. He loves the thrill of being on stage and the feeling of bringing a character to life. His work with the improv aspect of the club has helped with his confidence and capability as an actor. Outside of acting, Luis is a dedicated student who works hard to maintain his grades, which has allowed him to become the valedictorian of his high school. He believes that education is important and wants to continue his studies in statistics in the future. However, he hopes to continue his passion for theater and expand his experience on the stage. Luis is a friendly and quiet person who is always eager to learn from others and is constantly looking for ways to improve his acting skills. He is ecstatic to work with Green Room Theater Company and hopes for more opportunities in the future.

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